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                作文 > 英语作文 > 初中英语作文 > 初一年级英语作↑文 > Believe in yourself and others can trust you_650字

                Believe in yourself and others can trust you_650字

                2018-06-26 15:57:05

                     You really believe in yourself and others will believe you. In reality, many people say, "I believe in myself, I am the best!" Do we really believe in ourselves when we're Shouting these slogans? Are we going to have some difficulty in forgetting the words we just called? Confidence is a valuable quality. Confident need to develop, we must pay attention to their psychological hint, psychological relaxation, and encourage themselves, we also want to give people confidence from the behavior of impression, you don't need to be shy or panic, you just natural. Confidence also depends on your knowledge and skills, which is the foundation of self-confidence. When you have enough power, you don't have to pretend. Confidence comes from the heart.

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